About Me


Brooke is a professional freelance concept artist working predominantly in the entertainment industry.

Using both 2D & 3D methods, she produces concept art, illustration, creature design, props modelling, jewellery design and more. Over the past 10 years, her work has shifted into a focus on digital sculpting and Costume Illustration for feature films.

Brooke has accumulated an extensive list of high profile clients including Universal, Disney and Microsoft. Her credits range diversely within film, television and events.



  • Concept Art 2D & 3D – Creature design, Character design & Costume Illustration
  • 3D sculpting/modelling
  • 3D printing file prep


NB: Titles in bold font were long term/full-time projects
2020 TBA superhero film J Costume Concept Illustrator
2020 TBA superhero film D Costume Concept Illustrator
2019 BLACK WIDOW Costume Concept Illustrator
2018 CATS (2020) Costume Concept Illustrator
2018 COME AWAY Costume Concept Illustrator
2018 MALEFICENT 2: MISTRESS OF EVIL (2019) Costume Concept Illustrator
2018 WONDER WOMAN 1984 (2020) Costume Concept Artist
2017-8 POKEMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU (2019) Costume Concept Artist
2017 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT (2018) Concept Artist (SFX makeup dept)
2017 TBA WEREWOLF FILM PROJECT Concept Artist / Creature Sculptor
2017 THE WOMEN OF MARWEN (2018) 3D modeller (costume dept)
2017 MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS (2018) 3D modeller (costume dept)
2017 EXTINCTION (2018) Concept Artist (SFX costume dept)
2017 STAR WARS (2018) 3D modeller (SFX costume dept)
2016 GHOST STORIES (2018) Concept Artist (SFX makeup dept)
2016 STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (2018) 3D modeller (SFX makeup dept)
2016 LIFE (2017) Concept Artist (alien creature for SFX makeup dept)
2016 WONDER WOMAN (2017) Costume Concept Artist
2016 FLASH (film TBA) Costume Concept Artist
2016 TBA COSTUME PITCH FOR FANTASY FILM Costume Design / Illustration
2015-16 JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017) Sculptor & Illustrator (SFX costume dept) Sculptor (prop modelling dept)
2015 FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM (2017) Sculptor – Construction dept Modeller – Props Modelling dept
2015 DISNEY’S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (2017) Asst. modeller (prop modelling dept)
2015 KING ARTHUR (2017) Concept Artist (SFX makeup dept)
2014 THE NINGYO (short film 2016) 3D modeller (CG creature/props)
2013 HARRY HILL MOVIE Concept Artist (SFX makeup dept)
2013 VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN (2013) Concept Artist (SFX makeup dept)
NB: Titles in bold font were long term/full-time projects
2020 SGE Costume Concept Artist
2020 SW tba Costume Concept Artist
2019-20 CARNIVAL ROW s2 (Amazon) Creature Concept Artist/Sculptor (MUFX dept)
2019-20 WHEEL OF TIME (Legendary) Creature Concept Artist (MUFX dept)
2018 RAISED BY WOLVES Costume Concept Artist
2017 CARNIVAL ROW (Amazon) Creature/MUFX Concept Artist & 3D Modeller
2017 MARS 2 (National Geographic) Costume Concept Artist
2017 PIXIE KING Concept Artist (SFX makeup dept)
2017 ELECTRIC DREAMS 3D Modeller (SFX makeup dept)
2016 MCDONALDS (xmas commercial) Sculptor – puppets
2014 SEXY BEASTS Concept Artist (SFX makeup dept)
2012-13 DOCTOR WHO s7 Concept Artist (SFX makeup dept)
2013 BBC DAB RADIO ‘D LOVE’ (commercial) Character & costume concepts, miniature prop modelmaking
2013 WIZARDS VS ALIENS s2 Concept Artist (SFX makeup dept)
2012 WIZARDS VS ALIENS s1 Concept Artist (SFX makeup dept)
2012 Misc tv shows Minor concept design work for SFX makeup
2020 TBA (theme park) A Concept Artist / Sculptor
2020 TBA (theme park) B Concept Artist / Sculptor
2018 NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM PROJECT (exhibition) Sculptor (various present day animals)
2017 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS (theme park) Creature sculptor – Hagrid creature ride
2017 LITTLE BIG CITY BERLIN (theme park) Costumed miniature figures sculpting
2016-17 DINOSAURS IN THE WILD (exhibition) Sculptor (dinosaurs & prehistoric mammals)
2016 NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM PROJECT (exhibition) Sculptor (various present day animals)
2015 GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (book covers) Dragon tattoo illustration
2020 COMICON (Prague) Guest speaker – Panel interview alongside MuFX Designer Nick Dudman discussing prosthetics in TV/Film
2018 MICROSOFT – BING (TV commercial) National TV & global internet ad campaign for Bing search engine
2018 MICROSOFT – BING @ AdWeek Guest speaker at AdWeek 2018 discussing design & Bing search engine
2020 Digital Clothing course Using digital software to create clothing in 3D
2018 Bespoke Pattern Making workshop Learning how to create practical custom clothing patterns
2015 London School of Makeup Training in beauty makeup application
2013 Holts Academy Silver Jewellery Making – Design, soldering, annealing, polishing
2011-present Misc classes/workshops Numerous online courses focusing on animal anatomy & creature design
2009 Millennium FX – Special FX Makeup/Prosthetics 7wks Basic prosthetics/special FX makeup training including sculpting
2008-9 University of Gloucestershire Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art & Design
2008 High School A Levels – Art & Design A, English Literature A, Photography A, (AS)Drama A