3D experiments

I am always dabbling and testing out new things in 3D – they’re not exactly ‘portfolio’ things, so i’ve given them a home separately here for those who are interested in this sort of fun nonsense 🙂 The vast majority of my tests don’t even get saved, but the few that do can be fun to look back on.


July 2023

Pink hair videos – A first puppeteering of facial controls test using the mini-me from the Loop challenge. (Videos from my phone recording my screen on instagram)

Below – I then tried it using face mocap from my phone for the first time too (video below has copyright audio track – Sweet Transvestite from Rock Horror – so working out how to upload that one with sound, but can view on instagram)

Unreal Engine 5.2

July 2023 – First time experimenting with Unreal Engine! 

Here’s a random mishmash of Megascans in a nonsense scene to learn how to use the program UI on a basic level and to render out some shots! Camera settings were a struggle so I tested myself with a few, hence this little montage. Next lesson for me: dust particles and wind effects.


January 2022 – (still a work-in-progress – the environment had developed substantially since rendering the below test shot). First time experimenting with shooting and incorporating green screen footage into a digital environment


November 2021 – Trying to get to grips with the basics of animating with nodes in Blender

Geometry Nodes flower

October 2021 – Testing using Blender’s geometry nodes function to produce a flower (no sculpting, painting etc). Interesting experiment but for something like this in future i’d much prefer to stick to custom sculpted/modelled elements for the most part.


June 2020 - First attempt at Blender following the donut tutorial

June 2020 – A rite of passage when learning Blender! Hahaha…

Wet patio

April 2020 – 3D texturing experiment (Adobe Substance)

All images copyright Brooke Dibble / respective clients